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    Seminar on Bhartedu’s Lecture in Baliya:

    The seminar was organized on 9th September 2002 in Gandhi Sangrahalay, Patna. The paper was presented by Javed Akhtar Khan and the event was presided by professor Nand Kishor Naval. The chief guest was Naveen Joshi.   Bhartendu had highlighted three obstacles in the path of Indian...

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    Ram Ki Shakti Puja

    Ram Ki Shakti Puja was the first theatre production of Natmandap. The play was performed on 23rd February 2003 in Patna. The play is a musical version of Nirala’s poetry. The play was directed by Javed Akhtar Khan and was performed in collaboration with Patna Museum and East and West...

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    “Narmedh” is the name given to theatrical performance of Bhishma Sahni ‘s two short stories- saag-meat and Traas. Saag meeth is performed by Mona Jha and Traas by Javed Akhtar Khan. The first show of “narmedh” was organized in 2003 at Klidas Rangalay, patna. The play...

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  • Natmandap-Bhagat-singh-Janmshatabdi-1_1509121522.jpg

    Bhagat Singh centenary year celebration

    Natmandap took the initiative to celebrate Bhagat singh’s centenary year from august 2006 to august 2007. The first event was people’s convention organized at A.N Sinha institute. Many different trade unions, poitical parties, autonomous groups, NGOs and individuals gathered to take...

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  • Machaan-Akeli-Aurat-Mona-Jha-1_1504586375.jpg

    Akeli Aurat

    Akeli Aurat is another production by Natmandap which constitutes of two plays-“Savera” and “Akeli Aurat”. Both these plays are directed by Parvez Akhtar and performed by Shaista Rasheed and Mona jha respectively. “Savera” and “Akeli Aurat” is the...

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    Arthdosh is the Hindi translation of French play “Le Malentendu” written by Albert Camus. The play Is directed by Parvez Akhtar and performed by Mona Jha, Iti Sharan, Ajit Kumar, Enakshi and Uma Kant Jha.

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  • Natmandap-Kosi-Badh-Rahat-Kaarya_1504521141.jpg

    Flood Relief Camp

    Natmandap took the initiative of helping those hit by the devastating floods in Bihar in August 2008. Local people of SRI Krishna Nagar colony gathered to help the victims of flood in the region of Purnia, Araria and Saharsa. People donated clothes, food, grain, medicines and basic amenities. More...

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    Nyaypriya is the Hindi translation of French play “Les Justis” written by Albert Camus. The play is translated in hindi by  Sharad Chandra and directed by Parvez Akhtar. The play was first performed in 2009 October. A total no. of 15 shows have been organized till date. Nyaypriya...

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    Baaghin Meri Saathin

    Baaghin Meri Saathin is the Indian adaptation of Italian play ”tale of a tiger” written by Dario fo. The adaptation is done by shahid anwar and the play is directed by Parvez Akhtar. The play was first performed in the festival “ekant ke rang” organized by Natmandap in 2011....

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  • Beware-of-dog-3_1509119516.jpg

    Beware of Dogs

    Beware of Dogs is written by Javed Akhtar Khan and performed by Abhishek Nandan, Ravi Mahadevan and Mona Jha.

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  • Natmandap-Insan-hain-hum-1_1509819255.jpg

    Insaan Hain Hum

    Insaan Hain Hum was a musical concert presented by Charul and Vinay from Ahemdabad. The event was organized by Natmandap in collaboration with NAPM ON 10TH  February 2003 on the occasion of Bertolt Brecht’s birthday. 

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  • Natmandap-Challenges-before-Alternative-Politics-1_1509121899.jpg

    Challenges before Alternative Politics

    The seminar was organized as part of NAPM Bihar Jansansad in 2014. Main speakers in the seminar were- Prof Anand Kumar, Sidharth Varadhrajan, Nikhil Dey

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    Mujhe Maaf Kijiye Sir

    “Mujhe Maaf Kijiye Sir” is a performative reading of a portion taken from Orhan Pamuk’s famous novel Snow. The reading is designed by Vinod Kumar and performed by Javed Akhtar Khan, Parvez Akhtar and Tanaya.

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  • Aaj-ke-Ateet-Banner_1509205873.jpg

    Aaj ka Ateet

    Aaj ke Ateet was a three day event organized by Natmandap to celebrate Bhishma Sahni’s centenary year in September 2016. The event had recitation and performance of Saag Meeth, Traas and Amritsar aa gaya.

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    Bapu is the most recent production by Natmandap. The play has been directed by Parvez Akhtar and performed by Javed Akhtar Khan. The play was first performed in Prem Chandra Rangshala, Patna in March 2017. The event was three days long and had seminars and exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi. The play...

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